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Tyre Replacement & Punctures

Car tyre replacement & puncture repairs

Free safety checks
Rows of new tyres

Time to replace your tyres?

Even though there’s a legal minimum tread depth for tyres, your car’s handling characteristics will start to degrade long before you reach it. To maintain peak performance and safety in all road conditions, it’s important to get your tyres replaced. At P.E.T.S. we offer tyre checks, a choice of branded tyres and fitting.

Expert puncture repairs

Punctures are never convenient. Because of that it’s always important to have them repaired in quickly and simply. Driving on a spare wheel or limited use tyre is never desirable. We go out of our way to be as helpful as we can be, ensuring you're served efficiently. This allows you to get back on the road with as quickly as possible.
Close up of new tyres
P.E.T.S in Portsmouth and Petersfield offers puncture repairs & tyre replacements. Call us today!
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