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Is your exhaust exhausted?

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Catalytic converters & particulate

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Get your exhaust repaired

It’s all too easy to ignore your exhaust system until it’s too late. Mounted under the car where it can receive splashes from puddles, scratches from grit and generally accumulate dirt, the condition of your exhaust could be a mystery to you until your MOT. Should you need exhaust repairs or maintenance, we'll ensure you get a first class service.

What can you expect from our exhausts?

We have a large stock of exhausts available and are able to order ones in that we don’t have with an emphasis on speed and reliability. Every exhaust we fit comes with our 2-year guarantee. This guarantee extends to all fittings, mounting rubbers and clamps used, so you can drive with the full assurance of a reliable exhaust.
Close up of a new exhaust
"I wanted to check if a noise coming from the car was something to worry about or not, received a cheery welcome, was seen to almost immediately and the staff couldn't have been more pleasant, attentive and reassuring."

- Laura
Get a new exhaust system or your existing exhaust repaired. Call P.E.T.S. in Portsmouth and Petersfield today.
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