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Catalytic Converter & Particulate Filters

Catalytic converter and particulate filter replacement

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Catalytic converter failed?

Your catalytic converter is vital for converting the harmful carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides produced by your engine into carbon dioxide and water. If your catalytic converter has become damaged or contaminated then these gasses will be exhausted. We can fit a new catalytic converter for you. As with our exhausts, they come with a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Time to change your particulate filter?

A diesel particulate filter is a device that removes the soot and particles produced by a diesel engine. If your filter has failed, your car is likely to leave a thick, sooty wake wherever it goes. To ensure that you meet emissions standards, as well as ensuring road safety and driver comfort, we offer the replacement of your diesel particulate filter.
Mechanic cleaning a particulate filter
Worried about your vehicle’s emissions? P.E.T.S. in Portsmouth & Petersfield will get to the root of the problem for you.
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